Skewer length for Ksyrium SL?

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Hi all. My first post here, pretty new to road cycling.....a big Hi to all! :)

I swapped out the stock Shimano WHR-500 on my Roubaix yesterday, put a pair of Ksyrium SLs on there. The instructions note the skewer should come flush with the outer edge of the QR nut on the 'non-lever' side (or be sunk no more than 2mm) - I'd say I'm something like 4mm sunk and don't see how I can make up the extra length. You think I'm doing something wrong here? I've checked and double-checked everything, all looks OK....just wondering if I've overlooked something and if it's safe.




  • BigG67
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    Make sure you haven't swapped the front and rear skewers in the switch over...they're different lengths.

    Skewer length is needed to cover the distance between the dropouts so changing wheels shouldn't make any difference.
  • fossyant
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    That could be because your dropouts are quite thick ?