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Chain line on old British fixed gear

mz__jomz__jo Posts: 398
edited September 2011 in Road general
I have a Phillips steel double-fixed hub that I bought new (boxed) in 1975. I did my first tts with it (in the days when you could buy 40h sprint rims over the counter). In spite of having this hub over 35 years I had never measured the chain line on it until today (I used not to be very serious about these things, I think). The chain line turns out to be approx. 38mm, or soince it is imperial I would guess 1 1/2". Does anyone have any knowledge of bikes with this chainline? I had thought that most single cog bikes were built around a chainline of 42mm, even SA hubs seem to be 42. It can't be a dished hub because it is double sided fixed so symmetrical.
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