Aching fingers and knees

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Right might as well make one topic for both my complaints.

A bit of background: I used to ride BMX (as long as I can remember). I then moved to DH (for about 4-5 years) Then I took a break of about 4-5 years with no real riding.

In June I invested in a new hardtail mtb bike to get back in to riding. Was fine riding through June & July. Fitness has rocketed but near the end of August I started to get really really bad aching in my little finger and ring finger. It's fine climbing but on the more rough/bumpy descents I can hardly hold on from the pain.

I thought it was my rubbish grips so bought some fatter ones like on my DH bike which are really comfy on that. Thought it may also be my gloves as mine were ripped which resulted in my hands slipping so I was having to grip the bars tighter.

But even after new gloves and grips my fingers absolutely wreck on the downhills. It sort of feels like cramp but I know it's not that. Maybe I'm still holding on too tight but when I loosen my grip whilst riding downhill the pain is even worse. There is no numbness or tingly feeling they just ache. The ache goes away once I stop riding for a rest. But then returns as soon as I continue riding downhill.

Anyone experienced this before? Could it be I need a better fork? The bike is only 3 months old though and does have rock shox albeit a low end model but their not that bad for trail centre use.

On to my knees. The past 4 rides I have really bad knee ache after the ride. It makes driving back home a pain. Excuse the pun :wink: It feels like fluid on my knee. But I'm pretty sure thats not it. The pain is in both knees equally too. It hurts most when I extend them. And then it starts to go away if I keep them extended for a while. When I go to return them the pain comes back when they are bent.

Any ideas why this is coming on now after riding for almost 3 months previous with no complaints?

Thanks for any advice (and don't say MTFU ha). I probably would be too concerned if I was a 50 year old but when I'm only 21 it's slightly worrying. Don't fancy giving up riding but the pain in my fingers from riding gets so bad sometimes :(


  • I've ended up having the aching fingers, mainly just the area between the thumb and pointer finger, but also pinky has started having problems, after a very technical and very long descent the other day. I think it is just down too thick of grips, as well as not having reach adjust on the levers. I have quite small hands due to the native american side of me.
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    Try repositioning your levers they may be too low/high, your knee pain could be down to your seat being too low.
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