OK, can't make up my mind... (Updated-Supersix on its way)

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Starting to take cycling seriously again after oh so many years and looking for a new bike. Will be used for club runs, sportives and hoping to do some racing and time trials,

Have been looking at the following:-

Cannondale Supersix 105

Cannondale CAAD10 Ultegra

Giant TCR Composite 1

In the sales i have seen all three at roughly the same price point, have had a brief ride on the Cannondales and the Giant (which was a M/L, a bit big, would need a M).
They all felt comfortable and looked good, choices choices.

Which one would you guys go for?

I know its another what bike question but i really can't make up my mind.

Hoping that other peoples thoughts will help with the decision.


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    I've got a CAAD10 and its really very good - although I'm now looking to upgrade to a supersix. If you can afford it, and given the discounts now available - thats what I recommend you go for....although the CAAD10 is still an amazing bike for the ££.
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    Not a lot in it.
    You'll want to stick a really good pair of wheels on all of them within a few months (this is a fact of riding known as the law of the upgraded wheelset were by you by a bike you really like and then start looking at what you can change within a few months and every one on here says "wheels will make the biggest difference")
    Go for the one you like the look of the most assuming they are all gonna be the correct size.
    Supersix would be my choice though as breifly had a supersix himod and was very impressed.
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  • I have the CAAD9 and love it, quick but brutal, can be very unforgiving.

    Stretch yourself as much as you can or you will do what I did and upgrade every element and finally upgrade the frame... on a plus side it has now become an amazing winter bike

    Haven't tried the Giant, but you can't go wring with Cannondale although they often come with rubbish wheels.
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  • bought the supersix in the sales and love it - fast and responsive without having too racy a setup. Comfortable too although I think the prologo saddle helps in this department. Can't comment on the others but can certainly recommend the supersix.

    p.s. I got the 105 and the gear changes are also good
  • My mind is made up, got a Cannondale SuperSix 105 on its way.
    Guess its what I was always leaning towards, thanks for the advice and thoughts guys.
  • Good choice! You'll love it!