Fabric conditoner and lycra

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Beautiful late summer day today but not wanting to miss the Vuelta spent my time on the turbo in front of the TV. Only bit of kit I had on (apart from my shoes) was a pair of bib shorts (calm down, girls). What will happen to the shorts if I put them into the machine with my regular clothes AND fabric conditioner?

Every pair of shorts I've ever had has had "no conditioner" on the label and I've always obeyed this. But I'm not going to put 1 pair of shorts into the machine to wash. It's only an old pair, so I might just try it. My Assos shorts obviously get the full bubble bath treatment :-)

By the way, talking of washing instructions, my brother bought me a pair of arm warmers with the instructions: "Woman. Read the washing instructions carefully and don't make a cock up of my best bit of kit". I was obviously appalled by this sexism.


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    Depends on the chemistry of the fabric conditioner. Lycra is not a hard wearing material and stuff like bio powder/liquid attacks the material. Prob. ok one-off but not a regular thing
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    :? Can you still get washing powder without fabric softner in it?
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    I use Persil, non bio liquid. No conditioner in it, available in small-ish bottles.
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    The fabric conditioner impacts the wicking properties of synthetic sports clothing with all its ickyness.
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  • I've not noticed any effect on my shorts.
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    My cycling gear goes in with everything else.

    Will say that sometimes the fabric conditioner can give an awful odor as it drys.
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    Fabric conditioner coats the fabric making it water repellent not sure if this affects the wicking properties or not. I stopped using it years ago on the basis that it is totally unnecessary consumer product and part of a global conspiracy to make you buy shit. Bit like subscribing to cycling+...
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    Redhog14 wrote:
    Fabric conditioner coats the fabric making it water repellent not sure if this affects the wicking properties or not.

    It does! The residue left behind stops wicking. Wicking relies on moving moisture through a fabric so it can be easily dispersed.

    It is also unwise to use conditioners on waterproofs as the residue stops water repellant treatments binding to the fabric. Although the conditioner itself does provide some repellancy, it doesn't allow for moisture vapour transfer (breathability).
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    If you read the manufacturers labels most of your wash should be done without conditioner - towels, underwear, socks, various items of man-made and natural fibres.

    I mentioned this to the wife a few years ago. She just gave me that Vicky Pollard Am I bovered' look that women seem to be pre-programmed to deliver on such occasions.

    Only my waterproofs avoid the bio-powder/softener experience that the washing machine delivers.

  • fabric conditioner as has been said stops wicking/lowers breathability whether that is an issue with your shorts is a private matter between you and your bottom!
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