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Looking for some cheap glasses with interchangeable lenses that don't make me look like the kind of person who frantically searches for change in their pocket when walking past the school playground.

Is there such a thing?

I used to go sans when it wasn't bright ( I have some normal shades which work fine), but every time I go out I come back with big bloodshot eyes.

Also, is there a difference in how brands interact with your face and keep the wind out?


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    Endura Stingray. Look at avatar.

    £30/£35 come with 4 lens, Dark, Light Grey, Yellow, Clear

    I'm on my third frame (nothing to do with build quality just abuse) Endura customer services replace them for £5 if you brake them. on my 2nd pair of clear lenses too, replaced at £5 a pair too. They may add Vat and delivery on the them, can't remember.

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    What's the advantage of yellow lenses?
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    Something about night time and clearer vision. I played golf in them once in France, it was grey dull and overcast, put them on and it was like a bright sunny day.

    I tend to only use the very dark ones and clear ones.

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  • sketchley
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    "Lens colours: Clear, Light enhancing, Smoke and Polarized"

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  • Enhances colours and definition when riding in low light conditions, weird, but effective.

    I use them when I ride first thing in the morning just as the sun is rising, they then are fine for the first hour and half.....
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    Not interchangeable lenses but I got some Bolle Contours off Ebay for £7.

    Full UV protection, pretty close fitting which means I can still see when descending at speed in the rain, and being safety specs, I feel I'm safe from flying stones.

    Only downside to the good fit is that they can steam up a bit when you're stationary.
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    i got some from lidl for £3.99 with three different lenses! do the job perfectly! - a site for sore eyes
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    Chris Bass wrote:
    i got some from lidl for £3.99 with three different lenses! do the job perfectly!
    Yes, I got those ones too in July and they're great. Last year I bought the £7.99 ones and they're excellent too. The "expensive" ones have detactable foam frames which give excellent side protection. Currently wearing the £3.99 jobs with the orange lenses and they sure brighten up a gloomy day!
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    Cheers guys.

    I guess I'll have to try them on my face.

    Unfortunately I'm vain enough that I've actually seriously considered wearing my wayfarers on the bike to look cool (not that I actually do look cool, but nevertheless I put the effort in)

    I do struggle to find wrap-arounds that I can live with.
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    Can do cheaper than £3.99:
    So far they seem to fit, and work. The darkest lenses are so dark yo can only see in full sunlight, but there are 5 others to choose from...

    Best bargain I ever got was at a corner shop somewhere in Flevoland on holiday a while back, €2 for 3 lens sets - I bought 3 pairs and between them they've kept going for 3 years.
  • Bolle safety glasses from your local safety wear supplier ... acles.html

    Available in clear, reflective or yellow tint. Not interchangeable lenses but for around £5 a pair get as many as you want and don't worry about scratching, losing, breaking. Why pay silly money for name brand bling when you can have cheap name brand bling[/code]
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  • I got these ones a couple of years ago or so. They have been excellent until a couple of months ago when one of the screws on the leg came loose and I lost it. Have got a new screw in but does not fit as well. Can't remember when I bought these but it was at least 2 years ago and wore them most days commuting.

    Worth a punt for £9.99 plus postage ... _LP293.htm
  • Been very happy with my 720 Armour Yoyo specs. Couldn't find anything that suited my narrow head better.

    Aussie brand I think - dunno if they're so well known in the UK. GBP 39.99

    Tivosi also pretty good on a budget.
  • Another vote for the Bolle safety specs. I've also got a couple of pairs of yellow tinted Caterpillar safety specs (probably rebranded Bolles) which are quite good and a bit less wrap around.
  • i have a set of BBB ones for £25ish i think which are spot on!
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    The basic synching ones from wiggle are pretty good. Although I broke both the pairs I had because the arms are screwed together instead of popping together like some others.

    I've got some of the bolle safety specs but there's no grip on the arms or nose and they slip down so I can't use them.

    Cheap is fine but sports specific is a must for me. I also got some £8 ones from decathlon but the lenses are too small in the summer, ok in the winter but flies and dust can get through.

    Radars for me now - not cheap but pretty much perfect
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    I can recommend these ... elID=66333

    The white frames look cool, they're decent quality, comfortable and don't slip.

    Got mine a bit cheaper off Ebay.
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    Suprised no one has mentioned the Wiggle DHB ones yet. 3 lenses for £30. I've got 2 sets after losing the first, buying a 2nd and then finding the first. It means that I have clear in one set and grey in the other. Lasted me almost 4 years now and still going strong.
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  • You can also try Decathlon as they have a good range. Cheap and last ages.
    They do have glasses with swappable lenses but I bought a pair that change colour in the sun for around £30.
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  • I bought a pair of Tifosi wraparounds from my LBS for around £30. Came with interchangeable lenses. Must have been last years model as I can't see them on the Tifosi website. They are lightweight, comfy and don't steam up.

    The guy who runs the shop claimed they were the same material as Oakleys without the expensive/overpriced branding etc.

    For clarification I have no idea if this is true and don't go for brand names etc so couldn't care less if they are like Oakley. I just like what i have!
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    Kuota 5 lens set from Ribble Cycles for just under £20. Clear, yellow, orange, smoke and iridium mirrored finish...comfy and the lenses work really well
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  • I got some from Sunwise, mainly as they allowed a prescription insert but for 22 quid the glasses are really good, came with 3 sets of lenses hard and soft case. There are other models in their range that look nicer but I needed prescription so was a bit limited. ... asses.html
  • Rigga
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    I just ordered some of these Muddyfox ones from sports direct for £6 with 4 lenses, and free delivery at the moment too (usually would be 3.99). ... ses-939341
  • I use decathlon glasses. Cost me about £10, 4 lenses black, red, yellow and clear. I dont get too hot, fit very well and easy to change lenses.
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