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Coast to Coast - The Tarmac Way

zoglugzoglug Posts: 212
edited September 2011 in Tour & expedition
Hey everyone,

I am looking into completing a coast to coast ride sometime in September. Ive been looking on the C2C website at the routes there from Whitehaven through to Sunderland, however it seems to include a lot of off-road sections and as i am planning on doing this on my Allez, id prefer to stick to purely tarmac!

Has anybody got a gpx file of any C2C route i could upload to my Garmin, or point me in the direction of one, which uses purely roads? If so i would be very grateful indeed.

Many thanks in advance



  • You don't have to go off-road to complete the C2C. Sustrans do a C2C map which shows the alternatives. Some sections are on cycle paths and thes eare very good surfaces entirely suitable for road bikes
  • AlanWAlanW Posts: 291
    Four of us are doing it the same way starting on the 24th, then when we get to Tynemouth, turning round and coming back again. Three days in total and all on road....I hope?
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  • ian_sian_s Posts: 183
    I did the C2C Whitehaven to Sunderland a month ago.

    I don't have the Sustrans map, but there is a big variation in the off road sections - most of which would be fine on a road bike with sensible tyres (I did it on my Kona CX bike with Schwalbe marathon tyres).

    I would avoid the following sections though
    - forest track descent from Whinlatter (horrible stoney forest road)
    - the mountain track option above Castrigg stone circle
    - the offroad options up Hartside and out of Rookhope (I did the latter and it was just ok on my CX, but the road option through Stanhope would be better, apart from the evil Crawleyside hill)
    - the beginning of the Waskerly way - I have done that before and remember it to be quite stoney - there is an obvious road going parallel to it that allows you to pick up the cycle path again just before Howgill viaduct (well worth while - the views are splendid).
    From there on in it is decent cycle track (although a bit monotonous).

  • durhamwaspdurhamwasp Posts: 1,238
    Exactly what Ian says...

    Its easy to do it purely on tarmac, and its well signposted to show you the way. Cycle the road through Whinlatter Pass and past Castlerigg, cycle up Hartside from Melmerby, then descend down to Alston and cycle the road towards Nenthead.

    Personally ive done Waskerley way a few times on my road bike and found it ok, but its just as easy to miss it out and swoop down towards Castleside. - Reports on Cingles du Mont Ventoux, Alpe D'Huez, Galibier, Izoard, Tourmalet, Paris-Roubaix Sportive & Tour of Flanders Sportive, Amstel Gold Xperience, Vosges, C2C, WOTR routes....
  • zoglugzoglug Posts: 212
    Cheers guys! Helps me a lot. After completing the Mcr 100 mile ride at weekend, i think the 140 miles in a day is within my capabilities so i think i may take on the challenge on the 25th September!

    My bike is a pure road bike, a 2009 Specialized Allez with kyrilion carbon tyres on. I do have a mountain bike (On One 456) but really dont feel fit enough to complete 140 miles on it!
  • ian_sian_s Posts: 183
    FYI it took me about 10 hours cycling time. I wasn't trying to break any records and would have been difficult to go faster on the offroad section up to the Waskerly way and on the run in to Sunderland which although an easy surface , involves a lot of stop/start.

    BTW I found it generally well signposted. The problem arises if you miss a sign, because then it isn't, obviously.. Would be good to have an idea where the route is heading (or carry the map).

    Good luck!
  • The Sunderland part will most likely test your road tyres due to glass, turds, and bits of flint from the local Macum's caves. :lol:
  • edhornbyedhornby Posts: 1,780
    it's hillier than the manchester 100 but if you take your time on the climbs you'll be ok

    make sure you start at sunrise from whitehaven, you don#'t want to faff with lights at the end of the day
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  • Unsure if this is of any use to you but we did the C2C off and on road the wrong way round then one of the team turned round and did it in one day I believe on the roads and put up his garmin details ... s.facebook
    I know I can see these but unsure if its what ya need etc
    Bits to leave out for a road bike would be waskerly way( broken spoke for a road bike), the bit after stanhope cafe( we used the roads because it was unsuitable for road bikes) and winlatter( just use the road though).
    Fancy doing the C2C in one day on roads myself next year, it was hard but I enjoyed it immensely
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