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Runbike for Our 2 Year Old?

NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
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Hi Gang

My little girl's turning two next month and we've decided to get her a runbike for her birthday. She's already into Procycling magazine and has (just about) come to terms with seeing daddy dressed in lycra on a Sunday morning. I reckon she's ready to go cycling!

My daughter's average height for a two year old but I'd like to get her something which has a decent range of adjustment. I'd also like a nice light bike as there will inevitably times when daddy has to carry it!

Problem is, there are so many runbikes on the market! I am confused!

Any recommendations would be gratefully received.

Thanks all!


  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    Most, but not all, runbikes out there are pretty good these days. I'm a fan of the wooden ones, but then, to get many of them ultra-low you have to do a hack and flip the frame upside-down, which doesn't make them steer too well. Plenty of other brands allow for quite low saddle heights. Having said that, depending upon the height of your 2 yr old, they may not ride it for a few months yet.
    I don't think steel is required. Kids aren't that heavy, and I think the weight of the bike is a greater concern, and as you've said, you want your child to be able to handle the bike themselves. (Stairs, gutters, hills, whatever).

    Some ppl think brakes on them are a great idea. I don't think they are required from a safety perspective - they self-arrest speed with their feet. But, to teach them about brakes for when they progress to their next bike, they make sense. (Neither of mine have them)

    Beyond that... has she seen any yet? Get her involved in the process. She's gotta love it, after all. And she may make the choice for you (of course, still veto a bad choice) ;)
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  • NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
    Many thanks for the helpful advice Baudman.

    It was reading some of your posts on here that made me think about a runbike in the first place.

    I know exactly what you mean about getting her involved in the process. I've just noticed that a few of the manufacturers are website only. I'd prefer to take the little one along to try them out but if there was a web-only bike that stood head and shoulders above the rest, I'd consider that too.

    I'm loving the look of the Early Rider Lite!
  • inceince Posts: 289

    Yes the initial cost is a lot but in my opinion the quality of the bike, the level of adjustment, weight, resale value all add up to a quality product.

    My first son had his from 18 months and it has now been passed on to the youngest who is just starting out on bikes. It will no doubt stay in the family and get used over and over as other cousins appear adding to the value.

    The bike is fitted with a brake that the little hands can use with ease, my first son was over the moon when he first worked out he could lock the back wheel up. This also made the switch up to a proper bike simple as he already knew now to stop.

    There is a lot of choice out there but if you have/planning on more kids or for the wider family or just to sell on you won't go far wrong with an Islabike.
  • NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
    Cheers Ince.

    I had looked at the Rothan but it's a bit weightier than some of the other runbikes out there. Did your children find the weight okay? Could they lift it up stairs etc?

    It does look like a cracking little bike though and the purple frame would go down a treat. One disadvantage is that we can't let our daughter see one and have a 'try on' before we take the plunge...
  • inceince Posts: 289
    Weight wise we never had any issues, I have never compared it against others so know idea what a difference the extra bulk may have. My eldest never had any issues lifting the bike around and due to the height of the bikes and having a low center of gravity its east for the little ones to pick up.
  • Our kids have used an Early Rider wooden bike to great success.

    Its beautifully made, looks very cool and has taught them balance in no time at all.

    However if I was to buy another I'd get a steel one with a brake like the Ridgeback Scoot.

    The Early Rider got left in the rain once (as all kids toys do) and the varnish lifted and cracked - kids toys like this should be tougher and survive the odd night outside, etc ...

    Also, the brake is useful where we live with various road crossings and hills - its seemed excessive at first but they get the hang the bike so quickly and are soon going fast. It's an important addition esp if you want to save your back and not having to hold their handlebars when going down and incline !
  • Your going about it the right way ... I was amazed how quickly my little boy mastered his run bike we got him a wooden Kiddimoto for Xmas a few months before his 2nd birthday he wobbled around on it for a few weeks then the penny dropped and their was no stopping him feet up freewheeling down hills :lol:
    If I was to do it again I would choose the Islabike Rothan
    Main reason as mentioned above they have a brake and freewheel so much better ....
    Leo is now 3 1/2 and already riding his Islabike Cnoc 14 which is so well made a fantastic little bike the only thing he struggled with was learning how and when to brake wish I had given him the head start with the Rothan ...

    One things for sure you won't need stabilizers when you buy your daughter her first pedal bike :D

    Have fun ...
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