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advice needed please...

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I am after a new road bike after a bit of a break from the sport. I have done a raft of research and for my budget I have narrowed it down to a choice between 2 great bikes. The 2010 wilier mortirolo veloce in carbon, with r5 wheels at 8.4 kg auw, or the cube agree pro in alu carbon with ultegra groupset and mavic aksium wheels at 8.1 kg.

Both are same price... Entry level, but good carbon frame vs really good alu frame with fantastic groupset...albeit its a triple with 12 27 cassette.

I live in peak district and hope to use bike whenever I can, apart from in really duff weather.

So I would welcome your expert opinion....which one....?


  • Whichever one fits you the best
  • Thanks for the advice. The idea was to get a bike on the cycle scheme, and keep to the maximum value. Just spoken to the wilier supplier, which is to remain nameless, but has a premises near a big food factory in wigan... When I asked what the best price would be, they wouldn't budge from the web price, and stuck 10% on to boot.... Needless to say the only thing I will be buying from wigan will be baked beans!

    Can't believe that they will lose a sale for such an inflexible approach. Their loss!

    Think it will be the cube ultegra for me.
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    It's quite likely that the 10% is to cover the fee charged through the C2W scheme. Most retailers absorb that in their cash price for C2W purchases.

    Perhaps they had cut the Willier price to the bone already? (doubt it though).
  • That's what they said... But I was equally shocked that my local bike shop will only sell bikes on the c2w at rrp, despite the fact that they are on sale considerably lower... It's a scam!
  • I had same problem on CTW scheme. Ended up paying over £100 extra for a Trek1.5 on CTW than I would have paid if i had the cash in my hand. Makes a bit of a mockery of the scheme really.

    Only used it this time because i needed all the extra gear (jacket/shoes/etc) having been away from cycling for donkeys years.

    When it comes to my next bike, i will definitely buy it outright rather than using CTW scheme.
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