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long reach/deep drop brakes for 700c on 27"?!

drkawaszelongdrkawaszelong Posts: 260
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Hi guys,

I have an old george brooks frame, (look at my "signature" below), it takes 27 inch wheels,forks alike.. i have heard that if i were to use 700c wheels, i'd have to use "deep drop brakes"...sounds stupid, but what are said brakes? how deep is deep drop? if not what will i have to use? i've got these, thinking 60mm is plenty, but they don't reach the rims?! ... _939wt_905



  • Deep drop brake calipers are nominally 57 mm from the centre line of the mounting bolt to the centre line of the brake pad as compared to normal calipers which are about 45 mm i think, on old frames you will probably need to do a few modifications to get them to fit as the mounting studs on modern deep drop calipers are too short for old style forks, a lot of people end up putting the front caliper on the back, and the back caliper on the front to solve the problem.
  • You can get super deep drop brakes which might do the trick.
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  • looks like i'll be needing some of them super deep drop brakes...sigh, need to find someway to make my money back on the current set i have...
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