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What's the rattle/ting from my headset and have I caused it?

garnettgarnett Posts: 196
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My road bike has developed a "ting" only when I go fast over bumps - it's like a metallic rattle but nothing is loose enough for the rattle to be recreatable by just shaking the bike. It only makes the "ting" when I go fast over bad road surfaces.

I recently took off the stem and put it back rather over enthusiastically - could overtightening (and then undoing it and putting it back with a torque wrench) have caused the problem?


  • timmyturbotimmyturbo Posts: 617
    is the steerer carbon ?? have you used carbon paste ?

    i had the same problem the other day on a bike i was fixing for a friend , i just slackened off the pinch bolts and the a-head top cap , taps (relatively hard) on the handlebars . then did up the cap bolt first , then the pinch bolts , problem gone .

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