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fastandfuriousxcfastandfuriousxc Posts: 183
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Looking for a bike GPS. It will be used for navigation, including following pre determined routes and for when a bit of direction is needed! I require all the basic data (Distance, Speeds, elevation, heart rate e.t.c) and would like to be able to analyse the info on a computer, cadence a bonus but not essential.

The mapping must be good enough to use in unknown locations and be able to follow downloaded routes, I think with Garmin this requires additional mapping? Wiggle models come with the TOPO GB mapping is this the best available?

Budget is really best value for money but would like to keep it under £300, don't want to buy something then want more features!

Any help appreciated


  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    There was a recent debate about GPS devices, I choose a Smartphone; The Motorola Defy is water resistant, kick proof and gives you all the benefits of having a smartphone (when you have signal). The Viewranger app is arguably as good as any GPS device and uses OS maps which you can purchase as you need them. Plus, there is a big viewranger community uploading pictures and routes which can be accessed and downloaded from your phone. The disadvantage is battery life, but I've gone 5hrs runing the GPS (in flight mode) hiking in Scotland, Snowdonia and the Lake District and still had 50% battery life at the end of the hike.
    The only phone I'd recommend for this is the Defy as it's pretty lifestyle proof, and it saves you money on having a sack full of gadgets. Final issue to be aware of is if the battery goes from using lots of GPS, you've no phone either (but spare batteries are cheap on fleabay).
  • Bishbosh10Bishbosh10 Posts: 268
    I use MM Tracker on an android smart phone. (also available for iphone) I already had Memory Map which gives you the best maps possible in the UK - OS 1:50k and 1:25k.

    Alternative is the Memory Map device but it is not cheap.
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  • HandjobDanHandjobDan Posts: 704
    +1 for Viewranger, running on iPhone. It too has Landranger 1:50 and Explorer 1:25 mapping. £15 for the app with credit for map tiles I've been downloading loads and still have 300 odd credits left.

    You can add GPX tracks from websites and transfer them from your computer using WiFi transfer takes seconds.

    In regard to ruggedness, you can buy a waterproof and silicone filled case that will sit on the bars so you can see it whilst riding.
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