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New bike or upgrade dilema!

pitch2009pitch2009 Posts: 21
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Trying to decide whether to uprgade my existing bike or buy a new one.

Currently riding a Pitch comp 2009, probably slightly more bike than I need to be honest but it's a good laugh!
Looking at replacing the forks, standard Pike coils, with revelations for better feel and to lose some weight. Also looking to replace wheels, again from standard, to something a little lighter again.
Finally potentially upgrading rear shock as original isn't great and is feeling tired even after servicing.

New bike short list includes 2012 Zesty, Remedy or Fuel Ex.

Any ideas?!?!
Spesh Pitch comp 2009

Whyte 905 2011

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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,793
    Spec for those unfamiliar... ... e-ec001433

    If I could afford/justify a zesty then it's a no brainer, however in terms of value for money upgrading the Spesh makes more sense.... (heart or head my man!) Some of the spesh wheels weigh a ton (well 25%+ more than they should) so worth checking the (bare) wheel weight and seeing how worth upgrading they are! Otherwsie yes shock and forks plus when anything else wears out try and fit something one better!

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  • 1mancity21mancity2 Posts: 2,355
    What would the spesh bring second hand?

    deduct that from the zesty, cheap fantastic new bike!
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  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    The frame isn't actually that hefty, you can knock a load off the forks and wheels if you like how it rides. - Pitch, subtract about 250g for the bottom bracket. - Zesty 214/314 frame.
  • @The Beginner, have actually weighed the back wheel recently after partial rebuild, lost a few spokes. It could lose some weight but I was actually surprised that it wasn't overly heavy. A few other bits have already been changed for lighter bits as they have worn out.

    @1mancity2, this thought had crossed my mind too, had a little look and they are currently going for £600-800 or there abouts.

    @Toasty, thanks for the link to those weights, wouldn't have thought that the Pitch would be less! Mine will be slightly more, it's a large so a bit more metal involved but the same would be true of the zesty.

    Thanks for the replies, some more thinking to be done, also some test rides to be booked on some new ones!
    Spesh Pitch comp 2009

    Whyte 905 2011

    Trek Madone 2.1 2013
  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    Good time to buy anyway, and you'll get fantastic resell value on the Pitch due to the crazy prices at the moment.
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