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Watch this over the weekend, was in hysterics for most of it, never seen him do solo stand up at length and I was highly impressed.


  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,421
    Saw a bit, thoght it was hilarious, so decided to record it on +1. Went to bed and the Sky+ box through a fit because I'd got too much recorded with the Vuelta, US pro cycling and F1 quali and it deleted it. censored biscuits. :x
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  • Posts: 2,265
    The DVD came out before christmas,got it for my sister. Somewhat surreal and off the beaten track comedy but he is brilliantly creative.
  • RiggaRigga Posts: 939
    Superb! Thats the first time ive seen him do stand up, hilarious!
  • crumbschiefcrumbschief Posts: 3,399
    I really enjoyed that one he always gets me laughing,that was one of his best.I often try and catch him on Live at the Apollo and 8 out of 10,he's great on those as well.
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  • He used to be good sean lock when he was a poor mans harry hill, he tries a bit too hard now for my liking.
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