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WANTED: Non-mushrooming helmet

FoldingJoeFoldingJoe Posts: 1,327
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Can anyone recommend a helmet that isn't too bulbous?

For the commute in London I use an older Giro Pneumo, which doesn't seem to make my head look absolutely mahoooosive.

I bought a Giro Monza a few months back (without trying it on as I bought online) and it is absolutely massive.

I'm thinking of getting rid of it and looking for something else.

As I live in Bude, and our only local LBS also does lawnmower repairs (you get the picture), my ability to get into a shop and try on a wide range is fairly limited.

Any recommendations on something on the smaller side for a helmet?

Not just Giro, am happy to consider Spiuk, Ruddy, Kask etc and preferably something in the Monza price range, so up to around £70.

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  • d.martd.mart Posts: 88
    Looks should really come a distant second to functionality tbh but having a bit of a melon myself I feel your pain. I got doored riding to work the other day wearing a Giro Stylus and although a proper mushroom job it most likely saved from a lengthy comatose stay in hospital. It was totally cracked through on the left temple so don't get too hung up on looks.

    Have said that take a look at the on-one website, they're doing some good deals on helmets atm. Giro prolights are £90 if you can stretch the budget a bit. I've read good things about the MET helmets too, the Stradivarius UL is £71.99 down from £120 and the Inferno UL is £60 down from £100.

    I just got a LAS Squalo for £57.99 from (no really!!) and it's fairly 'sleek'. I have bit of a melon so a non-mushrooming lid was something I was looking for and it seems ok so far.
  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,438
    Giro Prolights look pretty good and are really comfy.

    There's a cycle surgery in exeter, that'd be a nice ride at the weekend! 8)
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  • tgotbtgotb Posts: 4,714
    Giro Advantage adds hardly anything to your head's frontal cross section, but mine tends to hurt my ears after an hour or so. Might incur a FCN penalty though :lol:

    +1 for Giro Prolight, very light and comfy...
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  • FoldingJoeFoldingJoe Posts: 1,327
    Yeah, I can just see my self on an Airnimal Joey and a TT helmet!!! ;):)

    Anyone used\got a Lazer Helium? Mushroom-esque or not?
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  • Jay dubbleUJay dubbleU Posts: 3,159
    I use one of these - good fit and feels extremely comfortable ... /24474.htm
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