Long time no speak - an update.

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Hi all,

Given I don't post much, due to my job changing, I just wanted to let everyone who remembers my thread regarding my niece Amelia which I posted on New Years Eve 2010.

Amelia is doing well. Just last week she walked (with a walker) for the first time since before Xmas and whilst the paralysis on her left side is still very evident, she is getting better week by week and continues to get stronger. She is bionic on one side now and will have arms like Nadal ! Her speech is very limited still which is normal but rather superbly calls me 'ete' which is cool. She is a real inspiration and such a lovely little girl who battled the odds. Still a long road ahead.

So far due to our charity bike ride we have raised £8000.00 for the services who helped save her life which include Bristol Childrens Hospital, Great Ormond and the helicopter service which flew her to London. Lastly, I was made her Godfather last month which was nice.

So all going well and again thanks for the support offered via that thread. Amelia and I appreciate it. Here she is at her Christening last month -


Best to all,



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    Well done Amelia - and you too ete.

    Superb fundraising effort.

    Do keep us posted Pete as to Amelia's progress.
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  • Hi, saw your original posting earlier this year, often wondered how things turned out goodtimes :D
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  • great too hear mate!
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    Thanks for the update Pete. It's great to hear that Amelia is making good progress.
  • bompington
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    Go Amelia!
    I was touched to hear of her battle & it's great to see her up & about.
  • ratsbeyfus
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    A lovely post - I'm really glad to hear your niece is recovering well.

    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

  • Excellent progress, you and her parents must be very pleased.
    Very best wishes for the future.
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    Good stuff Pete, I remembered your OP, nice to see her doing well, she is a smasher. :D