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is there a 'standard' accesory bundle usually expected with

mikewoodsmikewoods Posts: 135
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Ok so I'm about to buy my first bike in about 15 years!! gertting a 2012 Trek 6500 for a grand which looks brilliant value from my lbs. Should I be looking to get some accesories thrown in, pumps, tools or suchlike or is that being cheeky?


  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    At the end of the day if its a 2012 I guess your paying top whack ? the markup on bikes is huge (thats why you see 2010 models with 50% off)....I would ask for £50-60 worth of free accesories...if they say no then say you will go elsewhere..I bet that will do the trick
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Some places do, some don't.
  • jfry94jfry94 Posts: 392
    if you dont ask you dont get
    anyway if your spending 1k you should expect some sort of deal sweetner
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