Insurance Complaint

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Anyone made a complaint against an insurance company?

I had a very expensive policy with DogTag and a very simple claim (following a snowboard accident). They delayed for ages, then I had to resubmit the same forms over and over again and resend the same receipts. Now their claims department can't be contacted. Their sales number works and keep telling me the claims department will call, but they never do.

So what can I do? Tried the ombudsman, but just get a auto email reply. The FSA email bounced!!

Have had a DogTag policy for years, but wish I'd read the reviews first as this is obviously normal for them.


  • Before you can go to the Ombudsman you need to make a complaint to the insurer. The ombudsman will only investigate when the insurance company has provided a final response, or they have had 8 weeks since they received your complaint.

    Like it or not, first point of contact is to make a formal complaint to DogTag. Based on your experience this might not be easy, but be assertive and state that you want to make a complaint and for it to be investigated in accordance with FSA rules.

    Other than that, persistence. It's sh*t, but if the company is that bad that's all you can do.

    I guess you could try phoning the FSA (0845 606 1234) and explain to them that all routes with the insurer are proving fruitless and you would like them to intervene.