prop/kick stand for a bike with child seat

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Hi there,

I'm currently running a specialized langster with a rear mounted topeak child seat and I wondered what other people do with respect to stands?

At the moment I've only really been from the house to the childminder and back again where there's flat ground and somewhere to lean the bike so I haven't bothered but I want to get out and about with him.

The click stand seems popular for touring but I don't think I'd be happy with something that wasn't fixed to the bike when my little one is in the seat.

Would something like the Hebie 671 be better?

What do other people have? What about centre stands?

2010 Allez Comp & 2011 Langster complete with child seat

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  • baudman
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    I have a centre stand on mine, but then, I don't have a rear mounted seat (mine is centre mounted). So, being rear mounted, that could change the weight quite considerably. Also, I tend to put her in/out when I'm actually straddling the bike.
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