anyone to ride with around rugby

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Hi i live in rugby and after some company for rides around rugby I am out a few times a week and just about to take up night riding through the winter. I tried rugby mtb club but the distances they seem to do and speed is to much for me. Happy to do up to 30 miles at a steady pace.


  • I realise its not on your door step, but RLS XC do a 15 mile ride every Thursday night from the BikeYard and some of us are entered into D2D and so need to get in gear with some distance night rides... I personally don't have transport but the rest do!

    RLS XC is on Facebook, check it out, also if able to do any night rides this area let me know :D
  • hi did you find anyone in Rugby, I live in Rugby and ride on my own?
  • No not had any luck, Though thinking of trying a rls xc ride when my lights come. Where in Rugby are you I am from Bilton
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    Goldilocks - What`s the Bike Yard`s thursday night ride like? Where do they go and at what standard are the riders? I take it they try and get off road where poss.

    I go out most Tuesdays with a group of about ten mates, I might try and make it to a Bike Yard ride some time.
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  • Lowride - Rides vary, this Thursday was fun and games of a detour thru plowed fields and getting lost in Cubbington woods in the dark :lol:

    Its all as off road as we can, usually around 15mile routes, we're usually at the pub by 9pm!! Group is on average around 15+ ppl with a range of abilities and lots of friendly guys (I say guys as there are only ever 3 'ladies' max)

    Otherwise, routes are out through OffChurch, Ufton, Whitnash, Hatton and Kenilworth; bit of good old towpath, bridal ways etc.
    There's always weekend trips on the go and we have a couple more Saturday trips planned for the rest of the year.

    Pop over, I'm terrible at describing these things :oops:
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    That sounds pretty good TBH, I did`nt know there were any woods in Cubbington. I`ll have to try and get a mate or two to come along and we`ll come over one thursday night. We`ve got loads of woods that we ride on a regular basis, I just don`t want to mention where they are on a national forum as they`ll get over-run with riders and that`s when No Biking signs start appearing... like in Kenilworth Common for example
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  • Fair point opps.. :wink:

    There are quite a few routes we do, usually posted up in advance on the RLS XC Facebook page.

    There's less out this week due to most forming organised chaos elsewhere but all back in force next week :lol: