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Trek 3900 (2010 Model) Stolen from Exeter EX4 4JH

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My cycle (details are below) was stolen sometime on 26th August 2011 night from our unground cycle stand. If someone comes across this bike, please inform myself or the police ASAP.

Bike details:
Model: Trek 3900 (2010 model)
Colour: Matt Black
Frame number: 1039U0210
Register with "", and has UV markings on the frame, also it has the red sticker on the frame telling its registered!!
Looks brand new as it was hardly used!!!

Police crime report ID ref no.: DE118179

Address stolen from: (Was kept in the secured underground parking space)
66 Constantine House
New North Road

Contact Person:
Name: Mr. Siddharth Jayaraman
Mobile: 07751743351







  • I have found your stolen bike in Afghanistan on a military installation. There are many bikes abandoned here & I ran the serial number 1039U0210 on Google and saw your post. I realize it has been quite some time since you posted but, wanted you to know that your bike has been found. I can only imagine someone chucked it in a container and shipped it here. It is certainly not in the same condition anymore as you can imagine. Just want to do the right thing if it is within my capability to do so.
  • Hi,
    This is mind-blowing! Obviously I don't expect the bike back, but by if any chance you are able to take good photos of it and post it here or message me it would be really nice! Would definitely make a great story :D

    Thanks for taking the time,

  • Sure thing. Dark here right now but, I will get something out to you tomorrow. With your permission, I will try to get it into riding condition and use it.
  • Hello,
    Took a few pics but having trouble downloading them here. is there an e-mail address I can send them to ?
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