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105 5700 sti lever position

solboysolboy Posts: 368
edited September 2011 in Workshop
is it possible to adjust the vertical position on the 105 5700 lever so that it splays outwards rather than verticle? I have seen this on Ultegra shifters and it seems to work better when braking on the drops and would like to set up my 105s in the same way if possible.


  • If you look at the rubber hood at one side of the lever you will see an indentation in the body. Pull back the hood at this place and you will see the head of an Allen bolt. If you slacken this off it allows the lever to turn on the bars. Now you can swivel the lever to the position you require before screwing up the bolt locking it into position.
    Hope this helps.
  • solboysolboy Posts: 368
    thanks for the reply. If i do this will i need to adjust the gears/cables?
  • sfichelesfichele Posts: 605
    If you are only moving the levers by a small amount, then no
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Yebbut from the original description I'm thinking it's the view from the front (head on) that's being referred to - the 105 levers are "straight up-and-down" whereas the Ultegra's make an amgle to the vertical of a few degrees, the end of the levers being further apart that the hoods.

    And no, you can't replicate that exactly by any adjustment. Rotating the levers around the bars will end up with the hoods being splayed outwards as well.
  • Im trying to set my new 105s up been watching the Vuelta and there now seems to be a fashion for them slightly higher on the bars. So the levers arent straight up and down.

    Think im gona have a go at shifting mine up a few mm but i presume this means i have to pull some bar tape back and refit.
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