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For a moment there I was impressed....

meanredspidermeanredspider Posts: 12,337
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I only cross one set of light (a ped & cycle crossing) on my entire commute. It used to be one of those brilliant "press the button and immediately the lights change" crossings until it seemed to break a couple of weeks back. Now it's one of those "press the button and wait. Then press again and wait a bit longer, then cross in a gap in the traffic, then, as you're 100 yards away, spot that they've finally turned red" sets of lights. Ever since they "fixed" the lights, I've never once seen someone crossing at the time that the lights eventually change. It kinda misses the point...

So I decided to contact someone about it and, lo-and-behold, on the light post is a huge yellow sticker with a serial number and a phone number for Traffic Scotland. I was impressed.

Today I phoned.

"What road is it on?"
"Err, Longman Road - I have the serial number of the light"
"What's the number of the road"
"Um - it says A82 on the top of the sticker - is that the road number?"
"I don't know - I can only pass it on if you tell me the number of the trunk road"
"I'll look it up on Google Maps. Do you not have a map?"
"Yes, it's the A82"
"What junction is it near?"
"The A9. I have the serial number from the sticker..."
"I don't know about any serial number"
and so on....

Foolishly I though this was going to be a great system where I phoned & gave the number & they'd know exactly the individual light.

Oh well - illusion shattered.
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  • Kieran_BurnsKieran_Burns Posts: 9,757
    So - this is a case of the lights are on but there's no one at home then?
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  • bunterbunter Posts: 327
    this sounds like the new junction at barbara castle way and lark hill in blackburn. turning left here there is a long wait where neither peds or road vehicles can go (both have a red light) despite it being safe for one or the other to go. Traffic has if anything got worse here since the new system was installed. I did think about trying to report it but now Im not so sure.
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