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Londoncentric: can you ride all the way along Regents Canal?

KnightOfTheLongTightsKnightOfTheLongTights Posts: 1,415
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between, say Regents Park and Hackney? and if so is it always v congested?


  • I used this a few times on my early commutes to work...

    yes you can ride it the whole 9miles from Paddington Basin to Limehouse, though there are places you have to dismount and last time I tried there were a couple of places i had to leave the towpath and carry the bike up some stairs and down again later to get round 'towpath works'.

    But I wouldn't bother. I stopped using it after a couple of attempts because it is very narrow in places, there are many blind corners and as a commute its just far too slow. On very early morning leisure pootle it just might be acceptable, any other time there are too many nodders and peds about, IMHO.
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  • right, thanks, exactly what i needed to know
  • having said that, its a nice place to go at the little Venice and Limehouse ends, some nice places to eat n drink and a good atmosphere esp on a sunny afternoon :)
    Invacare Spectra Plus electric wheelchair, max speed 4mph :cry:
  • Regents Park section is great because you can view the oryx, giraffes etc, but because Camden Lock is a bit of a no-go area for bikes on the towpath, best to join the canal at the junction of Baynes St/Royal College Street after which you're through to the tunnel at Angel. Quick zip up the ramp here onto Muriel Street then find a cut through to Packington Street via Liverpool Road and Theberton Street. Join the towpath and you're through to Victoria Park and beyond. On a fine afternoon there's a good old mix of anglers, joggers, bikes and general foot traffic. 7am in November it's probably pretty clear. Good surface most of the way (e.g. concrete slabs); no carrying on the parts I've described but some low bridges so be prepared to duck and give two tings...
    Makes a pleasant change to the grind along City Road/Old Street squareabout and so on. Go on - give it a go.
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  • clarkey catclarkey cat Posts: 3,641
    at Islington it goes under a tunnel that bikes cant go under but there is a marked cycle path. The bit between Little Venice and Camden is nice but Camden to Islington is grim. Islington to Viccy Park is quite nice but quite narrow as OB says.
  • EKE_38BPMEKE_38BPM Posts: 5,821
    This: pedalo-gb2l.jpg
    or this: pedalo.jpg
    its a human powered recumbent boat!!!

    Job done!
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  • EKE_38BPM wrote:
    its a human powered recumbent boat!!!

    >>Insert Freddie Flintoff quip here<<
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  • DrLexDrLex Posts: 2,142
    EKE_38BPM wrote:
    its a human powered recumbent boat!!!


    Sounds like management-speak for a pedalo.
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