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Bizarre bike inflicted injuries - whilst stationary..



  • So relieved to find this thread and realise I'm not alone. Some absolute corkers.

    Here's my crowning glory. I hadn't ridden for a few years, but finally got around to buying a new bike last spring. Crucially, my first taste of SPDs.

    I took the bike out for its first spin. Lovely day, lovely ride, and as advised by LBS owner, I practised lots of clipping in and out along the way.

    I swung by the play park where my wife and 2 year old daughter were enjoying the sun, just to say "Hi" and sort out a plan for the rest of the day.

    Then, I clipped back in and trundled to the edge of the kerb. Not wanting to knacker my rims on what turned out to be a very big drop, I stopped, and put a foot down.

    Or rather, I tried to put a foot down, but momentarily forgot about SPDs. :roll:

    As per Evil Laugh^^^, I was technically stationary for a second or so. Then I was accelerating sideways and downwards, all memory gone of just how to extricate foot from SPD.

    Hit the deck in full view of wife and child. Now free of SPDs, I hopped manfully to my feet with a cheery smile and a wave, desperate to show I was fine, silly Daddy, what a funny thing to do, nothing to worry about.

    Nonplussed by fixed expressions of horror on the faces of my nearest and dearest, I looked down to see blood gushing down leg where (i) the chain ring had sliced loose a ragged flap of skin from my shin and (ii) the pedal had gouged a hole in my knee.

    It looked much more of a mess than it was, with no real damage done, but 18 months on my daughter still asks to see where I scraped my leg. Probably scarred her for life . . .
  • pedylanpedylan Posts: 768
    Term1te wrote:
    Towards the end of a long session on the turbo trainer my then young daughter walked in front of me. Reflexes cut in and I swerved to avoid her. No real injury, just pride, but I was surprised how unstable the turbo was. Wrote off the back tyre though.


    I did something similar. I had sneaked the turbo into the living room to watch TV (usually banished from there). I stood up to go for a resistance effort and the bike and turbo including a clipped in me tipped right over. Also amazed how unstable the combination was. The only damage was chain oil on the carpet.
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