Brake pad compatability query

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Cleaning the bike down yesterday I noticed that my rear brake pads are looking worn. No biggy I thought, I'll order some new ones....

The brakes are Tektro R740s (couple of year old Boardman). Looking around different websites I can't find a direct match of pads and I think that these brakes are designed to be able to use any pads that are compatable with Shimano brakes (eg shimano / kool stop etc). Can anyone confirm if this is actually true? If so, any recomendations?

Excuse my ignorance, it's the first time I've needed to change them since I've had the bike.
Thanks for your help in advance.


  • These are standard caliper brakes. Are they fitted with all-in-one pads or the type that have a shell and seperately replaceable pad - from the pics on the web it looks like the latter which are Tekro P422 so any similar insert should do.
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    ...and each pair comes with a spare set of pads.
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    ^ agree with skydog.. I got those from the exact same link... perfect brakes now ;o)
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