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Snapped my first spoke! :(

Barrzy257Barrzy257 Posts: 411
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As title says really, just got 10miles in to a ride tonight and TING so stopped immediately to see one snapped spoke, it broke at the hub. Iota a ribble with Pro-Lite Como Clincher Wheels which I bought beginning of June, now I never hit a large pot hole when it went, what's the chances of this being a warranty claim? Also, will this have damaged my will and is snapping a spoke a common occurrence and nothing for me to panic about? Cheers!


  • sungodsungod Posts: 14,474
    i've put a 6-month old wheel in for warranty for snapped spoke - wheel was replaced, no questions asked (by sram)

    once a spoke goes, it will put increased stress on the adjacent spokes, then they are more likely to fail in future, so if you are offered simple 1-spoke replacement, be ready to point this out

    it shouldn't be a frequent occurence, barring damage, a possible cause is that the spoke tension was incorrect - not unknown for new wheels - might be worth getting the other wheel checked by lbs
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  • I've had many spokes go in my time, mainly due to some of the appauling roads I have to ride to work and because I am heavy (105kgs ish) so I have learnt to be self sufficient and can fix a busted spoke, at the road side if necessary.

    As Sungod says quite often one goes and then another will follow so single spoke repair isn't always the best so push for a new wheel or a full re-build.
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