Boarman HTPro Vs Specialized Carve Comp Vs Specialized Stunt

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Boarman HTPro Vs Specialized Carve Comp Vs Specialized Stuntjumper Comp?

A newbie back into the MTB after 10 years in RRacing, I know little about bikes and kit yet. I am wanting to start XC racing and wondered which of the bikes were the best racing kit and frameset.

The boardman seems to win hands down on Groupset, overall kit inc Forks. However, it worries me that Boardman have opted for a 10 speed double chainset away from a triple. I am worried that if I bought this bike next week, that it would not give me the ratio's needed for severe climbing that a triple would. now it would surprise me if the clever people at Boardman, who seem to ahve of pretty much everything on their builds would have done this deliberatley if it were to be a disadvantage.

Does anyone know anything about this? Does anyone know whhich would be the best for cross country racing. The carve has great reviews and professional use with upgraded groupset and has 29" wheels which I quite like.

Cheers for help.

Scott Scale Comp 29er - Training Machine
Giant XTC 29er - Race Machine


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    Hi, i'm in the same boat as you, i was considering the boardman but nearly everyone with one has had problems with the bottom bracket so i'd stay away personally. I've never tried the carve so i can't comment. Though i havn't liked other 29'ers that ive tried.

    I've got the stumpjumper on order to my lbs. I took their demo one out for a spin and it performed very well, its extremly light for the price and i found it would tear up hills. A very racey bike, though im not too sure how well it would cope on rougher trails with only 90mm of travel (although the fork is amazing for the price).

    Other bikes i'd consider would be the whyte 809 or some of the cubes, the ams comp seems a nice full suss xc bike.