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Cleat Eastwood
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Just a heads up for Monday 5th Sept. Gloves, tops, panniers, lights etc....

Lidl Brochure
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  • timmyturbo
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    i will be there for sure , lots of cycling socks and tops for me , forget the track pump though , i was only using it for 90 psi at the time , and there SH1T ... =noservice

    al so my local wilkinsons does , stainless brake and gear cables for 84P each :shock: :shock: compared to galvanised rubbish for £4 each the LBS

    cheers Tim
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  • ohara227
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    I would agree skip the track pump, lasted 2 uses then fell apart.

    Aldi just now have a lot of things reduced, I live in an area where cycling isnt that popular so they tend to have stuff left - which is good!

    Lot to be said for Aldi/Lidl stuff, but for items that need to be depended on I'll stick with branded but for clothes - cant complain!
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