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Sky Go player advice.....

IronHorse100IronHorse100 Posts: 302
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...I don't have a Sky package but my old man does. I'm assuming he can create a Sky Go account and then let me have login details - I'm then free to watch Sky Sports whenever I feel like it on my laptop or TV via an HDMI cable?

What's the catch? (if any). I assume there is some kind of monitoring to check against abuse of the service - something like a logging of all IP addresses used by individual's accounts?

Or...I wonder if they have a check to see both my Dad and I are watching the same match (i.e. Man U v Arsenal today!) from different locations - if so, will this flag an abuse of the service?


  • iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784
    On Sky Player, you could only register a certain number of devices. I doubt they'd monitor what was being watched. You could claim you left your box on Sky Sports 1 and were out somewhere when you used Go.

    It works well - The iPad app is quite nice.
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