A physiological reaction

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Was watching you've been framed tonight and as ever there was a clip of some poor sod hitting the deck head first Oooohh! 'kin 'ell, made my knackers draw up into my body.

I asked Mrs Tank "what sort of effect does that have on you? As a woman.

None, was her reply. I can't believe that, even though a woman in the pub confirmed my missuses response to my question.

Please, women of the forum tell me you do feel others pain.

Child birth dosen't count as if it was that difficult men would have had wombs. :wink:
Tail end Charlie

The above post may contain traces of sarcasm or/and bullsh*t.


  • Was it a cycling accident?

    If so, maybe the wife knows the dangers we have, but chooses to ignore them because she wants you to be happy. Only says no in order to not start some living room war about the dangers.
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    Did you see drogba hit the deck yesterday? Surprised they released him after less than a night! Still he is big and fit so perhaps recovery is quicker