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Today I was making a rack to carry mine and my wife's bikes in the back of our estate car.

Anyhow, at one stage I inadvertently squeezed the front brake on my wife's bike a couple of times without the front wheel in.

When I came to put the wheel in it was a pig to do and I had to eventually resort to levering the pads apart a bit to get the disc in.

The brake now rubs slightly, the lever has absolutely no travel and is rock hard. ( I suppose the two go hand in hand).

I can't understand what has gone wrong. The brakes are Elixir R's and they are a week old.

Anyone got any tips on how to remedy the situation please? The FAQ's only seem to deal with spongy brakes and this is quite the opposite.


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    The pads have auto adjusted out. You were right in what you need to do, you need to lever them back in but as far as they will go. This can take some effort! Replace wheel and pump the lever a few times so they adjust back to the rotor. Job done!

    Best thing to do is put a spacer in the pads when the wheel is out to prevent this happening.
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    Thanks for that.

    Job for the morning. :)
    2011 Giant Trance Ltd, 2016 Revs, XT bits etc.