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Evening all. I've been increasing my milage on the bike over the past few weeks and have been tweaking my position to the point where I'm almost completely comfortable. The only problem I have is the seat. If I have it level then the front end of it is applying pressure to the bit below my never regions which is causing a some numbness. If I tip it forward so it stops the problem then I find I'm putting to much weight on my hands and arms which then makes them painful.

Would it be worth investing in a seat with a front end that slopes off a bit more or am I going about it the wrong way. My current seat is the one that came as standard on my Secteur.
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    I found that moving the saddle back ( as it happens closer to knee over pedal spindle) and working out where level was for the bit of the saddle i sit on as some saddles slope up at the back.
    I have a boardman with the fizik clone saddle and it has a definite rise at the back.
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    be sure to sit on your sit bones. If you're not in may be contributing to the numbness, at least thats my experience.
  • Also consider possibly getting a new saddle with slits down the center. I recently had a very long ride, and after the ride (and for the next week) I was numb down there to the point it was affecting life with the wife. Changed out the saddle for one with massive slits down the middle, and the problem has 95% gone. I still get occasional numbness, but only when really hammering it, and it goes away after a few minutes off the bike.