11 Speed crankset on 10 speed bike?

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Not that I'm normally into upgrades but I noticed that there are some very good prices on discontinued Record Cranksets. My Look 585 has Record 10 spd Titanium mechs on an otherwise 2010 Centaur Carbon groupset so I was thinking about laying down a good priced Record crankset for a future swap.

Now I can get a 2008 10 speed Record Crankset for about £280 but 11 speed ones can be had for a fair bit less. So is my 10 speed setup going to work well with the 11 speed chainrings? There's slight lateral play between teeth and chain anyway so that will obviously increase just a little but is it significant.

The alternative is just to stick to Centaur chainrings (who'd know? :lol: ) until such point I went 11 speed. But that depends on how quickly I wear out the Centaur on my Ribble which would then get the carbon Centaur off the Look.
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  • rafletcher
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    No problem - the internal width of the chains is identical between 10 and 11 speed, it's the outside dimension that's less with the 11 speed chain. I suppose with the rings slightly closer together (0.4mm I think) and using a 10sp chain there's a very small chance of a bit more chain rub. But the if you went for an 11sp chain I'd suggest you use an 11 spedd front mech for best shifting.
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    Ah, well - there's the other thing. If I did change shifters and crankset to 11 speed, would leaving the existing Record 10 speed front and rear mechs result in an unsatisfactory result? Don't really want to change them. Anyway, thanks for that :)
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    As the 11 speed chain is narrower, the cage on the front mech will need to move further to shift the chain. Similarly, a 10-speed chain on an 11-speed front mech will rub more and need more trimming.
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    Everyone asked the same questions when we went from 9 to 10 speed - in reality there will be very little difference. You might need to give the front mech and extra 'click' when going from small to big but the change in chain width is proably less than the 'tolerance' of the drivetrain, particularly when it's been run-in.
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