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New to road biking at age 42, previously distance runner, am picking up a wrist injury after longer rides (60K+). Affects left wrist, into wrist from thumb joint, pain stiffness and reduced range of movement. Doesn't hurt on the bike, flares up a day or two later and lasts 2 weeks or more. Have tried adjusting angle of bar and shorter stem, on my boardman road comp 2011 large, I am 5ft 10, 12 stone, position on bike feels very comfortable. Any ideas what is causing this and how I can avoid in the future? thank you.


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    I sometimes get this on longer rides. You could try putting some padding under the bar tape - Specialized Bar Phat is on such system.
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    I would hazard a guess that it is an impact injury from transmitted shocks up through the bike and then your wrists as you ride.

    May be due to the exact posision you are holding the bars in (do you bend your wrists back when on the flats?).

    Also, good quality gloves with padding and/or good quality padded bar tape may help.

    Keep shifing hand position when riding, if poss.
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    You may feel your position on the bike is comfortable, but still have too much weight on your hands.

    How big a drop do you have from saddle to bars? How much time do you spend in the drops?
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    Agree on shifting hand position, padded mitts and bar tape.

    Also, you may be gripping the bars too tight - this may be a consequence of over-reaching (make sure your elbows aren't 'locked') or just not being relaxed on the bike.

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is a chronic condition due to incorrect grip so worth trying to find a solution.
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    I had this when I first started road cycling, spoke to the docs who advised me it was just my body getting used to a new strain. So far they've been right, and it hasn't resurfaced... yet. I could feel a grinding in my tendons just about where my watch normally sits.

    A friend is suffering a lot more but with tendons above the wrist, and the docs/physio have stated that the double tap action of the SRAM is aggravating it after checking his posture and motion. Like you, he has a Boardman Road Comp.

    Hopefully it is something that will go away once your body settles in a bit. It took 2 weeks for my pain/grinding to go away during which I had a little ibuprofen and some short rides.
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  • Could be a condition called De Quervains disease.

    Quite a common hand/wrist problem.

    You could try googling it and see if your symptoms fit.

    Best see a Dr.
  • Thanks for the advice guys, the latest injury has healed quicker than previous so perhaps the 'body getting used to new strains' is the right answer. Shouldn't have gone running all those years and only come back to a road bike in my 40's - at least now my knees should last a bit longer! Cheers for the advice, good to know all that experience and knowledge is out there.