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Hi. I am a complete newbie at cycling.
I'm an experienced runner and am trying to get more cycling into my training to lessen impact from footfall, and basically because I've discovered I quite like cycling!
I have a cheap and cheerful Carrera Road bike bought second hand off a friend who was a 'real' cyclist. He upgraded chainsets and a few other things I didn't really understand but nodded politely and listened attentively...fairly..
Anyroad..following a birthday I have a little bit of money around and I'm wanting to upgrade to clip in shoes and pedals rather than the toeclips I have at present.
I think the SPD system would suit me...and that's about all I know!

So I'm looking for any advice available please!

Especially... Why don't bike shops do a 'package' deal of pedals, shoes and cleats for people in my position?! There must be a few that want to do a similar thing to me?
What about the Triathletes? Do they just magically own everything from the off?!
If any one can recommend shops in the Birmingham area, brilliant. If anyone can recommend reputable online places to buy, superb.

Thanks for taking the time all.


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    Need to decide if you want to get MTB type SPD that you can walk in normally, or road type (SPD-SL) that you can't. Most, if not all, clipless pedals come with a pair of cleats. You need shoes that will fit either the MTB two bolt attachment or the road three bolt attachment as appropriate. Buying shoes on-line is fraught with sizing difficulty unless you're willing to send them to and fro and pay for postage.

    The most common recomendation for beginners is Shimano SPD-M520 pedals and MT-21 shoes. They are certainly the cheapest way to start with clipless.
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    For SPD pedals, Shimano M520 is the way to go, about £20 online. Good pedals at a very reasonable price.

    For shoes, I would consider Specialised Bg Sport, about £40-£50 online, it's not too difficult to work out the size, I have found Specialised sizes to be pretty accurate. My wife recently bought some of these, and finds them good. I think they are nicer than the Shimano shoes.

    Of course there are more expensive options, but these are I think the best choices for a minimal outlay.
  • With cycling, the most choice and best prices seem to be online. Opt for a pedal type - Look, Time, Shimano spring to mind - and get a budget set, so if they do not suit you you haven't lost a packet.

    I use Time. I particularly like the two different Q Factor settings available depending on which cleat you fit to which shoe.
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    I'm also a newbie and also have a Carrera. I chose mountain bike shoes and SPD pedals (the cleats are included with the pedals) as you can walk better in them and you can use them in the gym if you do spinning classes. I bought:

    - dhb M1 MTB Shoes £50
    - Shimano PD-A520 Touring Pedals £40

    I got both from wiggle.co.uk who offer free returns if your shoes don't fit. If you join their email newsletter before you order, you'll get a £5 voucher that you can use.

    I'm really happy with both. Don't bother fitting the studs that come with the shoes, they are just for muddy mountain bike use.

  • I would certainly look at SPD as the ability to clip in easily, walk normally and clip in on both sides of the pedal makes for an easy system. The contact area is somewhat small though in some peoples view.

    I used SPD to begin with then moved to a real roadbike and got Look Keo. Single sided and I found difficulty starting on hills when if I didnt get clipped in perfectly on my first attempt I would find the pedal slipping before I got moving fast enough to take the foot off, recentre and clip in.

    I have now changed to speedplay which are expensive but double sided and i find easier.
  • Dear all...

    many thanks for the advice and apologies for late reply!

    I took some advice, and went to a local bike shop (Steve's Cycles, Aldridge). They were brilliant and come recommended. Helpful, experienced advice and not patronising at all!
    I know that I did end up paying a little over the internet odds on my pedals and shoes. But it was worth it for the advice and finding out about the place and all the STUFF you can get!
    (I'm going back with my forthcoming Lottery win for a full carbon Cannondale I think!)

    Anyroad I bought,

    Shimano M520 MTB SPD Pedals...I was initially confused seeing the MTB monicker...but they look great and feel good on the bike.

    Shimano Men's R077 Cycling Shoe...vanity got the better of me and I didn't want to get MTB shoes for my road bike! Been out with them and what a difference! Feel great and seem like better transfer of power especially uphill.

    I did however practise up and down the road first!
    HOWEVER.. I still got to the first set of traffic lights (I know you're all way ahead of me here..) and there was a fence on the left..indecision between un-clipping and leaning propped and clipped, still led to me making a lunge at the fence at a 45o angle killing mesel laughing! so much so that the car infront rolled down its window to ask if I was okay?! So no actual fall..yet.

    Thanks again all
  • Nice one. Just wait, everyone I've spoken to (and myself) has two falls with SPDs, then probably never again. Make sure when you unclip, you don't accidentally reclip (that was my second fall - shoe clipped back in going over a bump in the road)!

    Apart from that - SPDs are the way forwards.