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Anyone from Blewbury area?

d3mattd3matt Posts: 510
edited November 2011 in MTB rides
Just wondering if anyone on this forum is from the Blewbury (OX11) area for casual mtb over the Berks downs?

Riding this Boardman Team FS 2010. Also trying my first blog.


  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    Hi there,
    Down the road in Wantage myself, not an MTBer but there is Trailjunkies in Goring and CTC Wantage has a number of MTBers of all persuasions
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  • d3mattd3matt Posts: 510
    Thanks for the reply.
    Just seeing if there's any individuals who live local who are into mtb'ing. Sometimes I fancy going out and neighbours or friends aren't available and it's not so much fun on your own. And after my mate fell at the weekend and has done in his collar bone, I'm not riding alone anymore. So one more down for a few months, so looking to see if anyone else local who's into casual riding..nothing too serious.

    Riding this Boardman Team FS 2010. Also trying my first blog.
  • Hello there - lived in Blewbury myself (top of Woodway Road) until just over a year ago when I moved to Wantage.

    I find myself in a similar predicament quite often these days - friends either busy or less than willing. Am a keen MTBer, like the causal rides as well as the epics, but really I'm just happy to get out on the bike.

    Anyway, I know that area of the downs pretty well and would be happy to meet up on the ridgeway or down in Blewbury itelf, if you're still interested.

  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    CTC Wantage now doing regular Tuesday night off road rides. Chance to meet other local off roaders
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  • mussalmussal Posts: 1
    Hi d3matt, I live in Blewbury and do both road and mtb rides around here. Mtb in Downs or Chilterns. I've only just seen your post which I see was from August. Are you still looking?
  • mussal / d3matt,
    I could do with a group rideout - do either or both of you fancy meeting for a ride out this weekend, say, Saturday morning? Why not start in Blewbury, too?

    Feel free to suggest an alternative date &time if this is no good by the way - just wanted to get something going...
    Cheers, Mark
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