is it safe??

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Ebay. just seen some things on there that are quite nice and im just wonderin if it is sensible to buy from this site anybody had bad experience and how often??

i have honestly never used them nd i have a heard a few of u guys suggesting bikes from the site.

is it a case of payin the money with youre fingers crossed or is their a safety net??
might sound like a bit of a stupid question but sorry :)

is there any way you can tell if the seller is not a scammer or a bike thief (or any tell tell signs that they are a fake :) )??

im just wonderin if its safe to get things from there

sorry if this sounds pathetic haha :lol:


  • Monty Dog
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    Plenty of ebay transactions - you just have to be careful in terms of descriptions etc to make sure the goods and sellers are legit - had one of two bum deals in 6 years.
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    Use paypal easy to get a refund if it goes pear shaped, saying that bought stuff from all over the world without probs.
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    I've used it to buy and sell, never had any problems.
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  • Heard both horror stories and tales of great epicness. Check feedback for sellers if buying something, and if the general consensus is that things were good, then they should be ok to deal with.

    Also, ALWAYS pay with paypal. They offer a safety net for you, and if things go sour you have a good chance of getting your money back.
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    Most are really genuine sellers on here and their feedback should be used to rate them.

    I've bought two bikes and loads of parts, spares etc and haven't had any issues.

    I wouldn't deal with anyone with feedback lower than 96% and if it seems too good to be true it probably is. There are lots of bike shops selling older stock and discounts as well and these re usually very good value
  • smithaay
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    thanks for the replies :D

    ive been eyeing up a few projects and i feel a bit more confident

    thankyou :)