buying the wife her first road bike

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hi guys, wondering if you could give me a helping hand. I am buying a road bike for my wife budget of 500 to 700 she has tried a giant avail 2 2011 small frame at the local bike store however it was a bit small and they did not have a medium to try.
I have found mediums in stock but would be mail order with no way to try it before we buy.
She is 5ft 8 and only ever mountain biked before.
we would consider other brands however it comes down to it looking pretty and feminine as well,
the medium is a 50 frame would this be ok for her as the small wasnt far off?
I have looked at few forums and the sizes that ladies are going from differ greatly with one 5ft 8 lady buying a 57! im 5 11 and ride a 56.
Any help to consider alternatives to the giant or opions on sizing would be greatly appreciated.
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    You could buy a bike from Wiggle and if your wife finds that it isn't the right size you can return it free of charge as long as the following applies.
    The 30 day test ride is available on all bikes available at Wiggle so long as the price when purchased had a discount no greater than 15%. 30 day test rides commence from the date of delivery. Intention to return the bike within the parameters of the scheme must be notified by email within 30 calendar days of delivery. This offer applies to all bikes purchased from 20th November 2010.

    There's also a 15% off discount code that you can use which hopefully won't affect what's stipulated above but best to check beforehand. All depends on the list price and original discount etc.
    15% off when you spend £50 on anything
    Simply add £50 worth of products to your basket to be entitled to 15% off list prices
    Use voucher 15OFF-CYCTRI at checkout to apply discount.
    Offer cannot be retrospectively applied. Discount will earn a maximum of 15% from list price from in stock products
    Offer starts: Tuesday 9th of August 2011 2:00pm BST
    Offer Ends: Tuesday 31st of August 2011 2:00pm BST
    This offer is available to all destinations except UK, Australia and Japan
    Oakley, Brooks saddles, Fox clothing and Focus bikes excluded from offer
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    My wife bought the giant SCR 2W (small and same geom as the avail) 3 years ago -- she is 5ft 5. You could ask her to try the men's medium - the frame is IIRC the same size as the women's but the stem length will be longer and handlebars wider. Will give her a good idea of standover and riding height.

    Just a thought.
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    I'd really shop around more and get her on the bikes at the shop. Fit is all important and its hard to judge that without actually being on the bike.
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    Thanks guys, didnt think it would be so hard to find one, i live in skelton in Cleveland and a lot of our local bike shops just dont stock a big range of women specific road bikes if any at all.
    It looks like a trip to one of the big stores Evans cycle at metro centre to see if they have anything is stock to try.
    With the Giant avail 2 Triton cycles do it at £550 delivered at the moment which is a good saving as they are selling the 2011 s off.
    Some good suggestions with wiggle i will look into it now aswell.

    thanks everyone
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    Dig deep in your wallet and your wife will reward u :) let it cost m8
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    Bought the 2010 version of this for my wife a few moths back we managed to get it for 500 pounds (due to the new range coming) and then got a further 10% off by registering for their on line survey

    My wife loves it

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    My wife got the Specialised Dolce, shes 5'9 and got the 54cm frame. Being a popular brand would have thought she could get a ride on it somewhere. Think the sport version is around the £600 mark.
  • I got my Mrs. the Trek Lexa S reduced from £725 to £600 @ Evans which she is loving,
    but if we had been able to wait we might have got a better deal in the EOS sale.

    Right now if you can find the right size look for the Spesh. Dolce Elite, reduced from £1000 to £750!
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  • Use this guys method

  • Not sure how much this helps, but I'm 5ft3 and I ride the small Giant Avail 2. I'd still try before you buy though.
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    I would not limit your wife's choice to ladies bikes. None of the bikes my wife rides are ladies bikes and she is about 5' 8". The only thing she changed on each of the bikes is the saddle. Depending on your wife's hand size and shoulder width she may not need to change anything else. try some out and see.
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    Give the wife one of your bikes and tell her to make do. Leaves you room and the money to get yourself another bike :)
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  • My wife bought a 3 year old secondhand Trek 1500 with full Ultegra, just serviced and came with a triathlon bars on the front. She's made up, it goes like a rocket.
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