Rockshox Tora 318 RS: How do I set them up?

Will Nunez
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Im a complete Newbie.

Was hoping someone could explain in laymans terms what each of the knobs is for or to verify what I have read so far and understood from what I have read

Motion control is effectively the amount the forks will travel from minimum to whatever you set with the u-turn knob.. And lock isnt really lock its just minimum travel. (top of fork)

Rebound adjuster is the knob that determines the rate of rebound (bottom of fork)

The remaining knob Im assuming is the U Turn knob as Im guessing my model is coil rather than air. This is the knowb that adjusts the maximum travel.

Is this right?
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  • ride_whenever
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    Not quite, the motion control is the compression damping circuit, so works to slow and control your movement into the travel. The rebound controls the return of the return through the travel. (ie they're the same thing but for oppposite directions) although the MoCo is a bit more complicated than the rebound. At full lock the the MoCo cartridge hydraulically stops the fork moving, although if you hit it really hard it still opens.

    The u-turn knob sets the travel available for the fork by mechanically compressing the fork initially.
  • nicklouse
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    do you have an air valve? if yes then.....
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