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Good bike hire shops in Amsterdam

Mr TomMr Tom Posts: 66
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I'm guessing there must be about a million bike hire shops in Amsterdam but wondered if anyone could recommend a good one. I might rent a bike to ride around the city, but I've also been given a route for a day ride into the countryside by a Dutch friend. So, could look to hire a hybrid kind of bike for this. Any suggestions would be great! :)
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  • jc4labjc4lab Posts: 1,055
    I like these guys and there are others simlilar ...Its nice to have a guided ride ...Massive turn out on these usually with a young wackyhumoured American guide..Hires bikes out too.Lots of longer trips on offer
  • ddraverddraver Posts: 21,883
    Do you mean a "proper' bike or a Dutch Bike? (recommend a Dutch bike for a change) If Dutch then there are hundreds yes...
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  • Mr TomMr Tom Posts: 66
    OK thanks, I'll check them out when I arrive :) Actually I've got a Dutch bike at the moment and I love it!! That was one of the inspirations for going to the Netherlands. I might hire a Dutch bike for a day in the city and then a different one if I do a ride out of town.
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    Mondia 96 (Belgian 'Dutch' bike)
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  • ademortademort Posts: 1,924
    You can hire a bike at the railway station.
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  • FJSFJS Posts: 4,820
    There are 100s of bike hire places, you say, and many also offer hybrids for rent, although it's not the best for in town (theft risk). Most hybrids in the NL tend to be still pretty chunky mind.

    macbike is the largest and best known outfit - the McDonalds of bike rental places - if you want to be absolutely sure to be recognised as a tourist. .

    Yellow bike is a bike presence in the guided bike tour groups -

    As far as your out of town ride is concerned it depends on what you want to do whether you need a hybrid. There won't be any hills, and if you want to go fast and wear lycra it might be an idea, but otherwise you can cover decent distances on old dutch town bikes. It'll be a more relaxed experience though.

    If you are looking to go fast and train, this is a good LBS that rents out road bikes:

    Whatever you do, make sure to always lock your bike very very securely - bike theft is really rampant ; most amsterdam rusty town bikes have a lock that costs almost as much as the bike
  • Thanks for those links. I might well just use a Dutch townbike then. I'm a pretty slow cyclist most of the time and would like to be able to take in the views and all that.

    I'll definitely be careful with locks too! Hopefully the hire company should supply something solid. Only 6 days to go now :)
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    Mondia 96 (Belgian 'Dutch' bike)
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  • Wiel83Wiel83 Posts: 3
    Way too late for the topic starter but maybe for future road bike rental in Amsterdam:
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