Bike routes around Lyme Regis?

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Im being dragged away on holiday to lyme regis with my family (its free, cant argue) and i want to take my bike with me so i can see the sights while im down there. Does anyone know any decent routes around the area? min 15 max 50 mile (im weak, sorry).

Cheers folks


  • Mark Bom
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    The first obstacle is getting out of Lyme Regis!

    Massive steep hills either side, so I hope you like climbing?

    That said, there are loads of great roads around there, just look on a map and work out a loop!
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    Too right. I took my bike one year. The lady from whom we were renting accommodation took one look at my bike and laughed.

    I used it once, had to walk up most of the hills and didn't touch it again until it was time to put it back on the roof of the car.
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    My Grandparents live down in Lyme Regis. I've yet to take my bike down there but I can tell you it's hilly. Really hilly.

    If you wanted you could just head off to another coastal area like Seaton and work your way back. You may not want to go for 50 miles after you've crawled out of Lyme tho!
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    There's an awesome running race out of Seaton called the 'Grizzly' which goes along and up and down the coast including Beer, Branscombe and the like - it's about 20 miles and probably one of the hardest running races I've ever done due to the combination of hills, pebbles and mud.
    A bit like my experiences of cycling in Cornwall, be prepared for some serious climbing with 20% pitches being the norm - if you've got the gears and the legs enjoy!
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    The Grizzly is now just a running event. I've ridden up all of the hills in question and I wouldn't recommend then if you want to enjoy your ride.

    I'd suggest riding through Uplyme on the B3165 and crossing the A35 at Raymond's Hill.

    Then carry on the B3165 to Crewkerne. This is a really nice undulating road.

    At Crewkerne turn left and take the A30 for the gentle climb towards Cricket St Thomas.

    Then take the left at Cricket St Thomas to take you down the B3167 through Perry Street. This includes a lovely descent.

    Then turn left onto the A358 which takes you towards Axminster.

    You can then turn left at the roundabout just before Axminster and the road leads you back up to Raymond's Hill.

    You then just have a brief stretch on the A35 before the right turn back towards Lyme.

    That's a route of about 35 miles.

  • You could check this route out. It was our Sunday club run this week, and very pleasant, but be prepared for some climbing!!!
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  • Thanks for the replys folks.

    By the sound of it i may reconsider riding out of the village! I think ill try the drive and ride option ;)
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    not long come back off a holiday based in Axminster. did a ride to Lyme regis and whilst it is hilly I like that kind of thing. The main roads are very busy though which I do not like. Off the main roads I found the roads to be very narrow and not knowing the roads it was impossible to descend at any pace and that became annoying. If somebody knows a route or you can join a local club for a ride then I would go for that.
  • Mark Bom
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    I'm riding from Exmouth to Poole in two weeks as part of an initial stage of my brother-in-law's much longer charity ride.

    I've no problems with the distance, but the route passes through Lyme Regis and frankly I'd rather avoid it as my gearing is a standard with a 25 on the cassette. I'm ok with the hills before Sidmouth and Seaton but think I might detour to avoid Lyme Regis.

    Anyone recommend a good route?

    Btw, we're setting off at midnight so traffic shouldn't be an issue.
  • My cycle commute is Berkshire/Hampshire so I agree a bit hilly Lyme to Taunton area. We spend holidays and weekends there and I always take the bike. Towards Taunton and Black Down Hills are the best climbs if you want to train a bit. Views are fantastic Lyme to Seaton/Colyton. Cross the A35 to Stockland, you will see the mast top of the hill. You could carry on to A303 to join A30 for a real fun 10%+ downhill and another 14%+ down into Chard, cut through to Axminster and back towards Lyme. Alternatively you could carry on down the coast to Budleigh Salterton and back to Lyme. Hills are a bit shorter and sharper than the Black Down Hills but both routes are good fun and do-able for most. Also see Chard CC website as I have often joined them for Sunday morning rides and have always found them very friendly and inviting. They used to post Sunday routes you could use as suggested routes too, but i haven't checked for a while.