Budget change for first bike.

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Evening all.

After my first post a few days back now (and to the annoyance of my wife) I've decided to up the budget to £500-£600. The more I look the more I understand that this a good range to start at. I've been to a couple of shops today and been offered a Specialized Allez 24 and a Frome Rapide within this price range. Two questions:-

1. Are either/both of these good bikes to start with?
2. What else am I looking at within this price range?
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  • k1875
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    I got my Specialized Allez triple about 3 months ago.

    I didn't have the option to go second hand as I was buying on finance and didn't have the readies. If that's an option for you I'd advise you to seriously consider something used with a better quality groupset.

    Don't get me wrong, overall I'm well chuffed and haven't at any point thought i should have gone for something else. Everything at this pricepoint is going to be a bit agricultural in that respect. You should be able to save a few quid on a 2011 model by now as well. I know, since tredz were good enough to tell me my bike was now reduced around a week after I bought it from them. :roll:
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    ive got an Allez sport. picked it S/H last week for £300 to put things into prespective. i was after a race able steed at a cheap price because im only 17 :D my advice would be to look around on the bay and gum tree and such to find somthing on your local area that you can sit on and try out then choose to buy. one of the guys in our club bought a focus canyo with all carbon frame and such really nice bike and picked it up for £700 of the bay so personally i think i S/H at about £300 will be more than adiquite for what your after but obviously the more money you can throw at it the better! just wish i could have had the same haha :roll:

    so yeh...any questions :P
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    Thanks for the replies guys but I've upped the budget because I'd rather but something from new.

    @u05harrisb - Sounds like you got a decent deal mate from what I've seen on ebay.
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