turbo or rollers?

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With the days getting shorter and the weather likely to get even more s***e :( I'm thinking about getting a turbo trainer or a set of rollers (or both?). What are the pro's cons of each? Do I need a new turbo wheel?



  • smithaay
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    i have some rollers and i am thinking about buying a tacx sirius soft gel.

    the rollers are good for handling but it is harder to go for a longer hard workout just because when you sprint you cant stand up or you fall off. and i fell that when going at speed i seem to start bobbing up and down on the rollers (anybody else feel this or is it just me??) which makes it very hard to handle. the rollers are still good though if you are seeking to improve handling.
    but overall i think both would be the best :lol:
  • ChrisSA
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    Good description Smithaay.

    Rollers are good for developing skills (I still weave across the roads when looking behind me), but are a bugger to do a long or hard session on.

    Turbo please Santa!
  • I just bought some rollers, literally took a couple minutes to set up

    the resistance is pretty close to that on the road if you were constantly drafting a bus

    not tried a turbo yet but i like the convenience of rollers cause i only have one bike
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    Rollers are really designed to improve your pedalling technique and for warm-ups rather than working on all elements of your riding. Turbos are more suited to everything bar spinning drills because you can progressively increase the load.
    For the poster that was 'bouncing' on rollers, it's simply because your technique isn't smooth enough - often it happens at a particular cadence and if you 'push through' it should smooth-out.
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    I have both. I much prefer riding the turbo because it's a lot more versatile. You can get your intervals done and work on strength and recovery whilst not paying a great deal of attention and watch the TV, which is a big bonus if you're having to do it 3 times a week due to weather.

    I do love the rollers but they require so much concentration and I find I get bored easier because I'm constantly looking straight ahead, or down at the front wheel - there's nothing to take your mind off what you're doing. I've seen some pretty skilled guys on rollers doing standing sprints etc (YouTube) but I think it will take a while to get to the point where you can watch TV on them. As soon as something interesting happened on Eastenders I'd be through the screen door and in the garden before I knew it :)
  • smithaay
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    [quoteFor the poster that was 'bouncing' on rollers, it's simply because your technique isn't smooth enough - often it happens at a particular cadence and if you 'push through' it should smooth-out.

    thanks for explaining :D
  • m00nd0g
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    I like the rollers.
    Got a turbo but it aint much fun
  • Thanks all, I appreciate your responses. Looks like the Turbo gets the thumbs up on the versatility front. Turbo it is then!
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    I think the turbo is more use for keeping fit, gaining stamina, etc... I have a cycleops fluid 2 and it gives a workout as hard as you want it to be... just change gear :D .

    Invest in a fan, and keep a towel handy! Another advantage is you can ride to music, and a playlist can turn into interval training for you.

    I still fancy a set of rollers sometime, though. Rollers seem to be more about finessing riding style, and I could do with that!
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