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All bikes I have ever owned seem to track to the right.

That is, if I ride no hands, I would have to push against the saddle with my right thigh in order to keep a straight riding line.

I can see the obvious reason being that all the transmission is located on the right side of the bike making it heavier, thus tilting to that side. Other reason could be improper wheel alignment.

However my body isn't quite straight either, having skewed shoulders, so that could also be an explanation.

Do you guys experience the same sort of preferred skewed path for the bicycle?

Just curious.


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    No Its just you
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    One ball bigger than the other...?
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    PaulBox wrote:
    One ball bigger than the other...?
    oh so you think the one ball I carry in a wheelbarrow might affect traction?
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    You are slighty bent but never knew it. :twisted:
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    It's coriolis force, if you rode south of the equator you'd naturally turn left.
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