Rear wheel play

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The rear wheel of my bike has some slight lateral play when I wiggle the wheel with my hands. The Qr is fully tightened almost to the point that I have difficulty opening up the lever. Ordinarily I would ignore the problem as the ride of the bike appears unaffected although there is a clicking noise that appears when the chain is on the second ring but not on the big ring and there are the occasional "carbon" squeaks. I am not sure whether the problem needs resolving unless it leads to greater problems. The wheelset is the original which came with the bike, an Advanced Defy 3 - mavic cxp rims + giant hubs. Grateful for any suggestions.


  • merak
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    Sounds like some bearing play. Get a pair of cone spanners and reset the bearings. If the wheels have done many miles the bearings might need taking apart and regreasing with new balls.

    BTW, no need to tighten the QR as much as that. They do need to tight enough to prevent the wheel stepping sideways under sprinting or climbing effort, but not so tight that you can't open them.
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    Yep get the cones tightened. The play can throw your drive train out of alignment leaving annoying sounds and jumping gears.
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    That's all assuming the Giant hubs are cup and cone. If they are sealed cartridge bearings you might still be able to adjust out the play, or you may have to whip them out and replace them.

    Either way, it needs doing sooner rather than later.
  • letap73
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    Thank you for the responses - I am taking the bike to the lbs for a general lookover. Considering new wheels to replace the original over the long term