Arthritic hand?

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Morning all,

Over the past month or so I've found it increasingly more painful to grip hold the bars with my left hand. It feels as though I'm experiencing pain in the ligaments in my outer three fingers. I've ridden for nearly 20 years and I've not done any riding recently that I haven't done a million times before. And I haven't fallen off or straining my hands in anyway. So could it be that I'm slightly arthritic?

Ok, I know a trip to the doctors will be the only way to find out. Which I will do when I have the time, but for now I thought I'd see if anyone here has experienced similar pains and what did you do to relieve it?




  • Hi Ashley,

    My wife has suffered badly with arthur (as we call it) since she was 3 and to a point where she can no longer ride a bike due to the condition of her hands :(

    However when they are bad theres a few things that she does to help relieve the pain and get them moving again. Soaking them in a hot bowl of water helps the circulation, wiggling her fingers whilst she is in the water. Another is deep heat, this warms her hands and takes some of the pain away. Another is a gel hand warming pad (you can pick them up online really cheap) you basically flip the disc in the pad which causes a chemical reaction that generates heat, holding this in her hands really helps, especially if she is out somewhere and needs some warmth.

    Having said all this best to get down the docs and have it checked out to make sure all ok!! painkillers will take the pain away but not evceryone wants to go down that route

    Good luck
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    Thank you for taking the time to respond, much appreciated. I'll take a look.