PAulus Quiros custom road frame

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Hope I get the image to open this time... I posted this in My New Road Bike a few days ago but thought it might appeal to those of you who favour bikes made of other things than carbon!
it's my custom geometry Reynolds 525 tubeset frame and forks by Paulus Quiros. The metalwork by myself and Jose (ie mitreing, filing, polishing etc) and the brazing and paint by Jose. Since it's built to my geometry it's the first bike I've had the balls to put my name onto the top tube.
Reynolds 525 tubeset
investment cast lugs from Ceeways
stainless steel dropouts from Ceeways
10spd Centaur groupset (with older square taper chainset)
Campag Proton wheels with tyres to be replace by a matching set - not sure what yet..
Brooks Swift steel railed saddle
P-X bars & stem
Velo Orange sealed bearing 1 1/8" headset

It's a fairly traditional geometry for a road bike but Jose & I built it with just enough clearance to take a 28mm tyre (but it's tight), 23 or 25mm tyres are a comfortable fit. No mudguards or rack!

I'll be helping them out at Bike Blenheim on Sunday if you want to give me some feedback!


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    I like the polished, extended seat lug
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Cheers Monty,

    I was expecting it to be Jose's normal design where it comes to a long single point but when I got down to the workshop that day he'd come up with the idea of splitting it and weaving it. I've not seen another one like it... It was a lot of work to mask off for paint but worth it. I took it up to Bike Blenheim at the weekend and got a lot of positive feedback from the people I talked to.
    Only got to do a quick lap of the park though...

    I't was good to be reminded of how well a sensibly thought out geometry on a steel frame and forks rides. I really do prefer a steel frame going downhill, the steering feels a lot more natural. It might take me a bit more effort to get the extra bit of weight up the hill - though I could fit my Specialized Toupe instead of the Brooks Swift and save a fair chunk of weight - but theres little point getting up the hills ahead of your mates when they then drop you on the other side.