XC buddy in the burntwood area?

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hey. i enjoy XC cycling and normally do it once a month or so but recently my friends can't be bothered to go anymore since they've gone to uni. was wondering if anyone here lives in the lichfield, burntwood. or cannock area and does the monkey and follow the dog routes up cannock chase. i'm 19 i have a mid fitness level so i do each section as fast as i can and i take short a break after every 2 or 3 sections or after a long uphill section. i wouldn't want to slow you down if your someone who likes to do the sections one after another. I'm planning on going everyother week if you cycle up i don't mind meeting you where you start or if you drive and have a spare spot on your bike rack i don't mind paying my share of the fuel and whatever else. i look forward to any replies. thanks


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    I go up now again, If I remember next time I'll drop you a PM.
    I'm not a racer, but I like to churn out 2-3hr rides,
    I love Cannock and Llandegla cycle parks.
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