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cove hummer - now recovered - in devizes area

risris Posts: 392
edited August 2011 in MTB stolen
apologies for the cross post with the road stolen forum, but as the mtb that was taken is quite unusual i thought it was worth posting here on its own.

cove hummer stolen in devizes area yesterday (along with some other roadie stuff). i'll try and post a pic later when i work out how (currently incompetent it would seem!)


  • risris Posts: 392
    good news on this, and very quickly, too. someone apparently spotted one of the bikes sticking out of a shed and thought it was a bit odd so rang plod. hope they catch the thieving little sod(s), too :)
  • Excellent news but enlighten - how did it get back to you - had you left the details with the police or did they trace it to you?
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